At Celyad, we combine talent and commitment to bring breakthrough pioneering therapies to patients with life‑threatening diseases.

Celyad unites people who are constantly pushing back the limits of science, technology, and medicine to deliver pioneering breakthrough therapies for life-threatening diseases. We are passionate about our work and committed to the people we are doing it for. We know that every second counts for patients and their families, and this is what drives us in our work every single day.

Why did they join Celyad?

Vincent Van Den Bossche - Quality Control Associate

“Quality Control is really about the analytical validation and verification of process in order to guarantee the product quality and safety for injection to the patient. This task is achieved through a strong team spirit and support across the organization from R&D, Manufacturing, Logistics, Quality Assurance and Facilities. Altogether, we are continuously reassessing and improving our way of working to meet the highest possible quality standards. I believe in our technology and I am very proud to say that I work for a company that may be about to deliver the treatment that cancer patients have been waiting for.”


Valérie Steenwinckel - R&D Director | Joined Celyad in 2008

“I joined Celyad because I wanted science to be applied to something real, a treatment that could benefit patients. Celyad is tackling severe conditions for which there is no cure today: if we succeed in bringing a new treatment, the impact we will have on patients’ lives will be huge! I want to be part of it!  As R&D Director, my role consists in providing scientific and organizational leadership to the R&D team, ensuring that high quality products are delivered on time to the patients. We are working on a very disruptive and innovative technology that requires strong expertise but also cutting-edge labs facilities and equipment, Celyad has it all and it is very attractive to scientific profiles. I also enjoy the human-size of the company where all the employees know each other well and can rely on the rest of team to overcome challenges.” 

Bikash Verma - US Head, Clinical Development | Joined Celyad in 2016

“As an immuno-oncologist, bringing a therapy to cancer patients is what I aspire to accomplish and immuno-oncology through its CAR-T therapy holds a very exciting promise for the treatment of cancer. Celyad’s immuno-oncology platform raised my interest because it was offering a very innovative and disruptive approach based on CAR-T using NK cell receptors - and not classical antibodies - to target cancer cells. 
While based in Boston, my key responsibilities are to ensure that the patients who decided to join our clinical trials are safe. I make sure that the data that are collected are accurate, timely and reliable to further advance our technology. And, I also help with our long-term medical strategies and processes to make them productive, efficacious and competitive. If we succeed in our mission, this will create an unprecedented paradigm shift in the immuno-oncology area, placing Celyad at the forefront to lead and set up new standards in the CAR-T field.”


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