At Celyad, we combine talent and commitment to bring breakthrough pioneering therapies to patients with life‑threatening diseases.

Celyad unites people who are constantly pushing back the limits of science, technology, and medicine to deliver pioneering breakthrough therapies for life-threatening diseases. We are passionate about our work and committed to the people we are doing it for. We know that every second counts for patients and their families, and this is what drives us in our work every single day.

Why did they join Celyad?

Vincent Van Den Bossche - Quality Control Associate

“Quality Control is really about the analytical validation and verification of process in order to guarantee the product quality and safety for injection to the patient. This task is achieved through a strong team spirit and support across the organization from R&D, Manufacturing, Logistics, Quality Assurance and Facilities. Altogether, we are continuously reassessing and improving our way of working to meet the highest possible quality standards. I believe in our technology and I am very proud to say that I work for a company that may be about to deliver the treatment that cancer patients have been waiting for.”


Sarah Snykers - Quality Control Manager | Joined Celyad in 2015

“I joined Celyad in 2015 to be at the offspring of a new exciting technology in the immunooncology field. Being part of a company that could make the difference in cancer therapy has been a dream since my childhood. As Quality Control  Manager, my role consists in providing the tools, the knowledge and organizational leadership to timely deliver high quality and safe products to the patients.We want to make the impossible possible. Quality Control works as a strong interactive
and multidisciplinary team in which quality and science go hand and hand. I believe in Celyad’s mission in our company and its people that inspire others and that others aspire to be. “You only fail when you stop trying.”

Peggy Sotiropoulou - R&D Director | Joined Celyad in 2017

“I decided to take the leap from an academic professorship to biopharma research because I wanted to help translate cutting-edge research and innovation into actual treatments for patients. As a scientist and a person, I cannot imagine a more fulfilling career than contributing to cancer treatments that will improve, prolong and even save people’s lives. Celyad was the obvious choice for me, since I perceive it as a company committed to teamwork, dynamic workflow and excellence.”



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