C-Cathez™: a unique myocardial injection catheter developed by Celyad

C-Cathez™ is a proprietary intra-myocardial delivery catheter designed to reduce the risk of myocardial perforation, increase needle stability and with enhanced fluid dynamics to improve cells retention. 
C-Cathez™ obtained CE mark in April 2012 and is available for clinical use worldwide and commercial use outside of the U.S. In December 2015, the U.S. FDA determined that the C-Cure®/C-Cathez™ combination safety profile obtained from the CHART-1 trial allows the initation of a CHART-2 trial in the U.S.

Heart Access Technology (CoreQuest)

Celyad's Heart Access Technology is designed to enable cardiologists to take a unique access route directly to the patient's left atrium. This medical device enables the deployment of catheters or other necessary instruments for use in the treatment of various indications such as mitral valve disorders and structural heart diseases, conditions often linked to heart failure.

What's next for C-Cathez™ and Heart Access?

Celyad is seeking partnerships to accelerate further development and commercialization of C-CathezTM  and Heart Access Technology. For more information, please go to our partnering section.


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