About Celyad

Bringing breakthrough pioneering therapies to patients with life-threatening diseases.

Celyad is a biopharmaceutical company, specialized in cell therapy, that is developing landmark technologies aimed at treating severe diseases with poor prognosis. Our scientific approach is inspired by the natural mechanisms that are used by the body to fight disease.

Our key facts and figures


Stock listings

3 stock listings on Euronext Brussels, Euronext Paris and NASDAQ


Technological platforms

2 technological platforms in immuno-oncology (autologous & allogeneic)


Study assets

3 study assets in pre-clinical and clinical development (CYAD-01,CYAD-03 and CYAD-04)


Cancer indications

7 cancer indications covered by our ongoing multinational Phase I THINK Trial (bladder, colorectal, pancreas, breast, ovarian, AML, MM)


Phase I trial

1 Phase I trial completed in the US for our CYAD-01 immuno-oncology program in patients with AML and MM. No safety issue reported


International collaborations

4 international collaborations with Dartmouth College (USA), Institut Curie (France), ONO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (Japan), and Novartis (Switzerland)


of dedicated staff

84% of staff dedicated to R&D activities


CHART-1 Phase III trial

CHART-1, the European Phase III clinical trial evaluating the efficacy of C-Cure, our lead cardiology candidate, has been completed. Celyad is now looking for a partner to further develop and commercialize the product