Since its incorporation in 2007, Celyad has built strong collaborations with keynote international academic and industrial players to leverage the full therapeutic potential of its technological platforms. Whether the innovation is originated from academia or a biotechnology company, we will run our process and provide you with a quick, clear and transparent evaluation. If your proposal is selected and successfully go through the typical business agreement negotiation, our team, together with you, will do all possible to help your discovery harness its full potential.

ONO Pharmaceutical

“We are very delighted to collaborate with the leading cell therapy company, Celyad, for its distinct immuno-oncology candidates. Celyad’s NKR-2 is backed by cutting-edge science and we believe that it can be a new therapeutic option for patients who are not cured with existing therapies.” 
Gyo Sagara, President, Representative Director and CEO of ONO

For more information about Celyad's partnership with ONO Pharmaceutical, please read our press release.

Institut Curie

“Our collaboration with Celyad is particularly timely in the context of the future launching of the Center for Cancer Immunotherapy of Institut Curie coming in autumn 2016. Celyad is well positioned to become a global leader in cell therapies for cancer treatment and we are looking forward to strengthening our expertise in this field. This collaboration could lead to a real clinical benefit for cancer patients”. 
Sebastian Amigorena, PhD, Head of the Cancer and Immunity Unit of the Institut Curie.

For more information about Celyad's partnership with Institut Curie, please read our press release.

Celdara Medical

We are extremely proud of everything that the OnCyte team has accomplished to date. The product candidates they have developed could have a tremendous impact on the field of immuno-oncology, and we believe that Celyad is the optimal partner to lead the further advancement of this groundbreaking technology. Celyad possesses the right scientific, manufacturing, and clinical expertise to continue developing these therapies and to realize their full potential.
​Dr. Jake Reder, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Celdara Medical

For more information about Celyad's partnership with Celdara Medicalplease read our press release.

Dartmouth College

The Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) technology developed by OnCyte uses human Natural Killer cell (NK cell) receptors which, unlike traditional CAR technologies, have the potential to target a broad range of liquid and solid cancers via a human natural receptor that targets ligands present on most tumor types. The research underlying this technology was originally conducted by Dartmouth College Professor Charles Sentman, and has been published in numerous peer-reviewed publications such as Journal of ImmunologyCancer Research and Blood.

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